IFE recognition marks a major step forward for fire door education

The Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) Diploma in Fire Doors is now recognised by the Institution of Fire Engineers after rigorous assessment of the online education programme.

FDIS General Manager Neil Ashdown says:

“While the Diploma in Fire Doors is relatively new it has proved popular not only across the fire industry but in industry sectors such as social housing, care homes and construction. The knowledge, understanding and skills that are provided through this user friendly programme are helping to address the lack of awareness among property owners and managers of their responsibilities, moral and legal duties.”

Once students have passed the Diploma in Fire Doors they are entitled to use the designation DipFD after their name. However, this is not the end of the FDIS education journey and they can then apply to become a Certificated Fire Door Inspector (CertFDI).

In order to become certificated, applicants have to undertake the online FDIS Transition Module which explains what is expected of an FDIS Inspector and how the scheme works.
This includes an introduction to the FDIS Code of Conduct, a comprehensive set of guidelines about how Certificated Inspectors must behave. Then they have to demonstrate in a practical, working environment, both the knowledge they used to obtain their Diploma and the expertise they use on-site with real, functioning fire doors. This is assessed by an independent third party, ExovaWarringtonfire who check that students have the detailed knowledge required to:

• Effectively and confidently carry out comprehensive inspections of fire door installations
• Record their findings appropriately
• Issue the necessary reports

And even then it’s not the end of the story. Certificated inspectors are re-assessed every three years so that clients can be sure their knowledge and skills are always up-to-date.

Achieving this further qualification allows people to carry out on-site inspections of installed fire doors in existing or new buildings. This is an essential part of any fire risk assessment required by law to be done by a building’s Responsible Person. It not only gives them a recognised qualification, Certificated Inspectors can also benefit from discounted Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance through FDIS.

Neil Ashdown continues:

“I am proud both that the FDIS scheme has been recognised by IFE and that the growing number of successful students is helping to improve awareness of the issues surrounding the specification, installation and maintenance of fire doors.”