FDIS opens the door to new opportunities for GEZE

GEZE is well-known around the world for its door closers and automatic door systems with products that combine architectural elegance with efficiency and reliability. The company constantly aims to refine and improve and to provide the very best products and service.

Key to this is GEZE’s commitment to training whether it be product specific education delivered by its own training officers or external nationally and internationally recognisedqualifications such as those from IOSH and the GAI or NVQs. It is this philosophy that led to more than 30 of its UK staff signing up for the FDIS Diploma in fire doors.

This online education programmeprovides a comprehensive level of knowledge in fire door specification, installation, inspection and maintenance and repair. Once students have passed the final examination, they have a thorough understanding of how fire doors are very different to ordinary doors. This will include the issues around them as well as the standards and regulations that must be adhered to when undertaking repairs, maintenance and installation works.

The diploma study programme comprises 7 modules covering a wide range of topics including an introductory foundation module, through glazing, seals, ironmongery and signage. At the end of each module there are tests that can be taken to assess knowledge and students can recap the material as many times as they wish before they go on to sit the test at one of the network of test centres around the UK.

12 GEZE staff have completed the online education programme and successfully passed the test while others are working through it alongside their busy working lives. Most of them have combined study at work and home which is made easy by the web based training platform that FDIS provides.
A wide range of personnel from GEZE have signed up for the FDIS Diploma. They include a Technical Manager, Service Managers, Assistant Service Managers and Service Engineers. Completing the programme enables them to read reports appropriately and give advice.

Several are planning to then go on and take the FDIS Diploma transition module which gives additional education for people who want to go on to become FDIS Certificated Inspectors. This will add another string of expertise to GEZE’s bow because these people will be qualified to undertake fire door inspections for clients and prepare reports that will assess the suitability of their fire and escape doors and advise on any remedial work necessary.

KazSpiewakowski, GEZE UK’s Managing Director says:“We don't just sell products. We are proud of our ability to offer guidance and advice on lots of subjects - whether it be legislation and regulations or help with wider issues such as sustainability and accessibility. Investing in the FDIS Diploma gives our people expertise in another very relevant topic that is helpful to our customers and makes our service more valuable to them.”

While products provided by GEZE are included in the FDIS Diploma programme, it also includes a number of products that GEZE does not manufacture, such as intumescent seals and metal doors. So this gives those studying a wider degree of knowledge and a greater awareness not only of how their own products affect fire safety but how they have to work together with other products.

Darren Hyde, technical training officer at GEZE UK, who completed the FDIS Diploma some two years ago says: “I found it very interesting and extremely useful. The course gave a good overview of the principles of fire doors and it was good to have an understanding of their component parts. It covered a range of subjects including timber and steel doors and their construction, which is an area I wasn’t previously very familiar with. I have used what I learnt to advise or make recommendations to customers so it has been valuable to me, to my customers and to GEZE.”

This expertise also helps to bring in extra business for GEZE because is useful to all sorts of people who, under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order of 2005 are defined as the 'responsible person' for fire safety. Whether it’s the building owner or employer, they often do not have sufficient experience themselves so for GEZE offering this specialist know how is very valuable and is only currently available from a growing but limited number of suppliers.

Linda Thomas, GEZE UK’s marketing manager concludes: “We take life safety very seriously. All of our manual closers and automatic swing doors have been thoroughly tested and hold a relevant Certifire certificate as well we being CE marked and having a Declaration of Performance. So training our staff in what makes a good fire door is part of that continued service to customers.”