#ClickItKickIt campaign has fire door wedges trembling with fear

The #ClickItKickIt campaign, which has been set up by BWF-Certifire, is encouraging people to stop the practice of wedging open fire doors.

Everyone who sees a fire door wedged open is urged to take a photo (click it), share it on social media using the hashtag #ClickItKickIt, and kick the wedge away (kick it) so the door can close, and report it to the building owner or manager.

Hannah Mansell, BWF-Certifire scheme manager, said: “A wedged-open fire door renders it completely useless. It can no longer protect your own safety, your loved ones or your property. It’s an open door to danger, and those responsible for the fire safety within a building that they own or manage are literally playing with fire if they condone or ignore the use of fire door wedges.

“The #ClickItKickIt campaign is designed to highlight the deadly yet seemingly innocuous fire door wedge. We want to photograph and share the location of every office, hotel, hospital, school or other building where an internal fire door is dangerously wedged open.”

You can find information about the #ClickItKickIt campaign online at the BWF-Certifire website and via the campaign information pack.

>> Visit the BWF-Certifire website

>> View the campaign information pack