Class of 2012 FDIS Certificated Inspectors get reassessed

It’s been nearly four years since FDIS launched its online training programme. We caught up with the first FDIS Certificated Inspectors as they complete their reassessment.

The FDIS Certificated Inspector designation lasts for three years. At that point, inspectors must be reassessed to stay certificated.

The FDIS fire door inspector reassessment process is straight-forward but rigorous. It involves taking a practical exam to prove you’re still competent and aware of the latest fire door regulations and inspection requirements.

FDIS Certificated Inspector, Neil Ashdown, who was reassessed in July, said: “Having a recognised qualification such as the FDIS certification is vital for today’s fire door safety professionals. The reassessment process is fairly intense, but it’s the best way to make sure an inspector can give accurate, up-to-date and, ultimately, life-saving advice on fire door safety.”

On the reassessment process, Neil said: “I was asked to demonstrate inspections on about six different fire doors while the assessor watched. I then answered around 100 questions verbally.”

Although assessments like this may seem daunting, they give customers and clients the confidence that their fire door inspector is properly trained and qualified.

Clive Reilly, who became the first FDIS Certificated Inspector back in 2012, also highlighted the value of staying certificated.

“So many people who aren’t qualified try to do fire door inspection work,” said Clive. “That poses a real threat to our industry. Luckily, people are becoming more aware of the importance of employing qualified, certificated fire door inspectors, which can only mean more and better work for inspectors.”

Clive added: “When an unqualified inspector carries out work, the standard of the fire door inspection isn’t what it ought to be. That leaves clients exposed and at risk of having to find extra money to get an inspection done professionally.

“The FDIS designation shows people that an inspector is properly qualified and trusted. As an independent inspector myself, the FDIS mark really has become an important part of my business.”

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