Bite size fire door training launched

In response to the increasing demand for training to increase knowledge about the legal and practical issues relating to fire doors, the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) has introduced a half day course for fire door installers, joiners and maintenance teams.

The FDIS Fire Door Awareness Course can be delivered inhouse at organisations' own premises, and includes an overview of the information contained in the full FDIS Diploma as well as the chance for course attendees to investigate a mocked up mini fire door to identify performance issues. The course concludes with a tour of the site where the training is taking place to inspect some of the fire doors with the aim of spotting potential problems and deciding on appropriate remedial action.

One of these courses was recently held at City University, London where 20 participants from the property and facilities management department gained significant benefit from the new FDIS course.

Contract health and safety co-ordinator Michael Deary says:
There are more than 800 fire doors across the university which are managed by our in-house maintenance team. We have realised that this is a complicated area and one in which they need to feel up-to-date, competent and confident. However it is just one element of their responsibilities so this short course is very useful. It gives them enough knowledge to carry out their jobs effectively with sufficient understanding to spot potential issues where they may need to consult with more experienced specialists.”

FDIS general manager Kevin Hulin says:
This introductory course is obviously nowhere near as comprehensive as the FDIS Diploma, but it’s ideal for people who need a basic overview of the technical issues and legal obligations concerning the installation and maintenance of fire doors. Even people who have worked in this area for many years are telling me that they are learning about things they had never known before.”