Fire door diploma educates university carpentry team

The University of Portsmouth has more than 23,000 students who study and live in its 95 academic and residential buildings. With an estate of this size the installation and maintenance of thousands of fire doors is an onerous task. However, there is an inspection regime in place, which ensures that all of the fire doors are thoroughly assessed every six months. And, while his carpentry team is highly knowledgeable and experienced.

Carpentry Supervisor Chris Mayhead was keen for his team to undergo formal training and achieve a recognised qualification to enable them to prove their expertise to the University’s contractors and others and so seven of the University’s team have registered for the FDIS Diploma in fire doors.

Chris says: “The FDIS Diploma was a great way for my team to learn because they could do it whenever and wherever it suited them. While they knew much of the information contained in the online learning programme’s modules, they are now completely up-to-date on the regulations and standards around fire doors and are completely confident that their knowledge has been tested in the most comprehensive way.”