FDIS Qualifications Meet Requirements for Specialist In-House Expertise

St Michael’s House provides community-based services for people with an intellectual disability in Ireland. It has over 130 premises offering services for users with varied levels of physical and mental disabilities. This presents a range of challenges in fire safety management and makes the role of fire doors in compartmenting fire and smoke even more important than in many other environments.

Not only is it essential that the thousand plus fire doors across St Michael’s House properties are specified and installed correctly, Fire Safety Advisor Isolde Veld also has to ensure that there is an effective inspection regime in place to assess wear and tear on the doors and ensure appropriate action is taken if it has the potential to compromise their effectiveness at holding back smoke and fire.
Isolde was keen to ensure that her knowledge of this specialist area was as up to date as possible and that she had the skills needed to undertake fire door inspections in-house rather than have to rely on the services of external contractors.

She says: “I heard about the FDIS online education programme in fire doors that led to a recognised Diploma at a facilities management conference and was excited that it offered the opportunity to dip in and out of the education programme as it suited me. I could also take the test to assess my knowledge in Ireland rather than having to travel to the UK which is the case with many qualifications.”

Not only did Isolde pass the Diploma with a score of 100%, she subsequently completed the FDIS Transition module and, following a rigorous on site practical assessment by Exova Warrington fire, has become a Certificated Fire Door Inspector.

Isolde continues: “My assessment was completed at one of our St Michael’s House schools where my ability to carry out inspections of fire door installations effectively and confidently, record my findings and issue appropriate reports and guidance was thoroughly examined. I am proud to have joined the ranks of the growing number of qualified fire door inspectors and to be able to say that my competence to support our service users, their families and our staff is as comprehensive as it can be.”