London council improves fire safety with FDIS Diploma

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is one of the largest in the capital with a diverse and growing population. It manages almost 300 properties, most of which are open to the public including offices, care homes and schools. All of these buildings have fire doors, in some cases hundreds of them,which require appropriate installation, maintenance and regular inspection to ensure that in the event of a fire they would provide appropriate compartmentation to provide fire and smoke protection.

Stuart McGregor is a team leader in the Borough’s corporate health and safety team. He recently passed the FDIS Diploma by combining his busy day job with working through the modular online education programme at work and at home.

He says: “The FDIS online training was very good because it enabled me to repeat the modules and the associated tests as many times as I wanted to so that I could ensure that I understood and retained all of the knowledge I needed prior to taking the test.”

Stuart is responsible for fire risk assessments including fire door inspections across the council’s property portfolio. He is confident that passing the FDIS Diploma has given him additional expertise to enable him to make ongoing assessments of fire doors in order to identify any damage or inappropriate alterations.

Stuart says: “Sometimes fire doors are upgraded with the best of intentions, but contractors don’t always appreciate how, for example, changing hinges or vision panels can jeopardise their performance in the event of a fire. With the FDIS Diploma knowledge behind me I fully understand not only the doors themselves but the whole door assembly and what has the potential to reduce their effectiveness.”